Wrapping Up

What did you think of Redwood? Is it the Next Step for JS frameworks? What can it do better? We've got a lot more planned. Some of the features on our TODO list:

  • Storybook integration
  • Refine Jest integration
  • Helpers for Authentication with Auth0 and Netlify Identity
  • Pre-render and CDN-deliver specific routes
  • Support for NoSQL solutions like MongoDB
  • First class TypeScript support
  • Data fetching optimization for waterfall problem with GraphQL
  • GraphQL query cache helpers
  • Accessibility features for Redwood Router
  • Switcher widget providing quick access to the site and GraphQL playground while in dev mode
  • Cookbook of recipies for integrating 3rd party APIs
  • A way to inspect logs from AWS Lambda

Want to help us build those features, and a lot more?

Thanks for following along. Now go out and build something amazing!