Having the admin screens at /admin is a reasonable thing to do. Let's update the routes to make that happen by updating the four routes starting with /posts to start with /admin/posts instead:

// web/src/Routes.js

<Route path="/admin/posts" page={PostsPage} name="posts" />
<Route path="/admin/posts/{id:Int}" page={PostPage} name="post" />
<Route path="/admin/posts/new" page={NewPostPage} name="newPost" />
<Route path="/admin/posts/{id:Int}/edit" page={EditPostPage} name="editPost" />

Head to http://localhost:8910/admin/posts and our generated scaffold page should come up. Thanks to named routes we don't have to update any of the <Link>s that were generated by the scaffolds since the names of the pages didn't change!

How about getting this thing out into the real world?